Broken Tears

I don’t know why I’m drawn to drip painting techniques at the moment, but that is where I am at. Drip painting is an abstract art form that involves the action of pouring or dripping paint onto canvas.

Famous artists who’ve experimented with this method were Francis Picabia, Max Ernst, and most notably—Jackson Pollock. I have mixed feelings over the outcome of this process. While I’m less inclined to hang a Jackson Pollock in the corridors of my home, it is the very act of drip painting that has me currently enthralled.

I believe art is a reflection of what is going on inside of us at the moment. And at this very moment I have mixed feelings of where I am at. Not in the sense that I am confused…but in the sense that I have taken on the weighty task of raising a family, working, and going to school all at the same time.

I’m so close to finishing my degree, but it has not come without cost. As I painted this piece, I sang and danced with my daughter while listening to music. I know, that may sound silly, but it was what brought me joy and yet at the same time I felt broken. So, this piece…to me…is a mixture of calm and sadness all at the same time. Bittersweet.

I decided to title it Broken Tears, because it reminds me of the intense storm in Peter’s life that ended with Jesus calming the wind.

These two elements together (peace and chaos) are like water and oil, they are impossible to mix—yet together, they tell a story of our human existence—thus the mixed feelings and the broken tears. Can you imagine that moment of transition when Peter was terrified and when Jesus subsequently pulled him to his feet (on water nonetheless!)?

Jesus came into our chaos to offer us peace. And in doing so, he bottled our tears and held them close to his heart. Even when we have little faith, he PULLS us to our feet…because he is grace. HE is Grace. And he saves our broken tears (Psalm 56:8, Matthew 14:22-33).

Much grace,

#acrylic #abstract #art

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